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In Defense of Extreme Drumming

I always find it interesting to talk to drummers from different eras and musical backgrounds. This is something I get to do quite often because I work in a number of musical settings such as Country, Rock, Pop, Latin, World Musical Theater, and even Christian. Of course these genres also have a fan base that extends from children to the elderly so opinions vary with some being rather ho hum while others are rather strong. My age puts me in the middle of the various points of view that come from either side of the discussion. I am from a more modern era than the old school jazz drummers yet not quite as eccentric as some of the younger drummers. However, I say  eccentric  with all due respect because this new generation of drummers is doing things that are just mind boggling even though I may not fully understand their musical vision. Nevertheless, I have great respect for drummers on both sides of the aisle. When I talk to the old school Jazz drummers one of the first things they do is

Five Things KISS Fans Do Not Want to Admit

Being a KISS fan and a person who likes a good heart to heart discussion I must admit that I really enjoy the podcast called  Three Sides of the Coin  because these guys are not just KISS fans talking about their favorite band but also guys who aren't afraid to tackle the issues that most KISS fans prefer to avoid. They have taken heat over the years for what they have said about every member of KISS but I do appreciate the fact that they do not back off or water down their opinions for the sake of getting along with others who truly don't know what they are talking about. I have sat there for hours listening to their show with the guys making be laugh and at times saying things that gave me an "A-HA" moment when they throw out thoughts and ideas that make perfect sense. Meanwhile, there are other media moguls who claim to be unbiased about their perceptions of KISS who then make statements that show absolute allegiance to certain former members who are obviously thei