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The Journey of the Desert Drummer

When I re-released my updated music memoir earlier this year it was commemorate my 30th year of being a professional performer. I was so focused on remembering the date of my first pro gig that I didn't take the time to remember something else: 2021 is also the 40th Anniversary of the moment when I started to play the drums....formally.  Like most drummers I had my moments of banging on other things before I got my first set of drums. For me, it was wasn't pots and pans as it was mostly toys and then toy drum sets. Prior to that I had joined the drum corp at the beginning of my 3rd grade year at Dolores Street Elementary Schoo l in Carson, CA. before my parents put me in drum lessons with my first teacher in the spring of that school year (You can get the full story at: ). Of course, that year was the beginning of seeing what a drumming instructor can do for me.  As time went on I continued to take drum lessons with m