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Closing out 2021 and a Major Chapter of my Musical Life

It's been over 30 years since I started performing in night clubs. For over 10 years I worked with original bands as I chased the rock star dream. During that time I made life long friends and learned a lot in terms of what it means to be a good performer, the recording process, the music business along with the creative process in an ever changing industry.   After that I focused on being a working musician, which took me to many stages all over Southern California and the state of Arizona. I was blessed to work with so many great bands while also having the chance to track drums and percussion for so many great artists in the recording studio. Again, I learned a lot and made even more lifelong friends.  The summer of 2021 was a very interesting time for me because as my performance dates increased it would also be my final season of hitting it hard as a working musician. I am not exiting the stage completely but I have decided to appear mainly at smaller venues in a more intimate